Signs of the Savior

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Celebrating Christmas and Easter are two of the best times of the year. They allow us to reflect on the life of Jesus and all of His promises to us. They can also be some of the most stressful times of the year too. Our to-do lists stretch past our breaking point, our calendars are filled to the max, and if you're anything like me you are trying to figure out how to make this season special without adding even MORE things to your plate. 

The Heart Behind Signs of the Savior Curriculum

I created Signs of a Savior just for you. I want these holidays to be times where we rush less, have our fingers in the Bible and are creating an atmosphere of sacred space and peace in our homes (instead of busyness and anxiety and stress). 

I also really want children to understand the whole Biblical timeline of Christmas and Easter. There are a million messages in films and books and holiday decorations that aren't true to God's word. Like me, where I was well into my teenage years before I ever even knew that the wise men never visited Jesus on the night He was born! Even growing up in the church, I was taking many of my cues from the things I saw and watched rather from the true story shown in the Bible. 

The truths in the Bible are so rich! I want your children and mine to know the complete timeline, the answered prophecies in the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus and to see the beauty in Christmas and Easter symbols we see all around during the holidays by knowing the background and significance.

What is Included in Signs of a Savior

Signs of the Savior is a three week holiday curriculum centered around the Biblical timeline of events. It's written in a family style for kids ages 4-14. Each day you will read through a portion of the nativity or Holy Week Biblical narrative and narrate the reading through written or illustrative narration (depending on age) on your own timeline. 

Your family will sing a hymn, read through an Old Testament prophecy and New Testament fulfillment and complete an activity for the day. 

Your activity is either reading a holiday picture book, completing a connection activity designed to bring your family closer together or completing a handicraft. 

Each handicraft has a devotion with it where we will dive deeper into a holiday symbol and it's ties to the Biblical story of Jesus. The supply cost is fairly minimal and these handicrafts aren't the kind where you'll need to spend all day in the kitchen (if you know what I mean).  

Signs of a Savior and Homeschooling

Signs of the Savior is meant to enrich your homeschool studies and family right alongside whatever curriculum you're already doing. I know it can be a challenge to set aside space in your homeschooling schedule for holiday curriculum, but Signs of the Savior makes the time you do reserve, meaningful!

You can purchase a discounted bundle of Christmas and Easter or buy them individually in the shop! 

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  • Little House Learning Co. on

    Hi Sheena! There is not a sample of this curriculum, but on Instagram @littlehouselearningco I have a live posted where I go through the whole inside and I have a highlight showing more! You can always reach out too with questions and I’d be glad to answer all that I can!

  • Sheena on

    Is there a sample of this unit study? I am intrigued but I don’t see enough to know if it would be a good fit for our family. Thanks!

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