Free Audio for Yoto Cards, Part 2

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If you missed it, here is part 1 of free audio sources and here is a tutorial on Make Your Own Cards.

Free audio is such a gift when you own a yoto player! I have found more of our family favorites have come from these sources than from the cards in the yoto store. Here are a few additional great sources! 

Free Audio for Yoto Cards

Yoto Space: If you haven't checked out yet, you're missing out. It's a bit clunky to navigate, but the best tab in my opinion in the Public Domain. Most of the common Ambleside or other classic books that are found on librivox have already been put into a playlist and it is incredibly simple to add them to your library! I highly recommend this option. (Be sure to sign up/sign in to see it all)! 

Getty Music: If you google search Getty Music Free, it will usually come up with their most recent set of music they have available for download. At Christmas we made a Christmas hymn playlist from Getty music. Right now they have a summer hymnal playlist for free download and these usually rotate seasonally. I think this is an incredible offering for them to make so much of their music available! Many of these songs we sing at church so we love to have it on around the house. 

Songs for Saplings: On and off Songs for Saplings will make their music collections free. I got mine for free in December, I believe. Right now they are only offering free audio in their foreign language offerings, but I would keep a close eye on their sales by signing up for their email list! And, they are great music offerings to have on hand for Bible memorization, so even if you have to pay for some they're inexpensive and a worthy investment! 

Learn Out Loud: This website has a lot of free books and famous speeches. It collects free audio from all over the web, so I've found that some of their links are no longer free to download (but you can still listen to them). Learn Out Loud is a great starting place because there are so many titles on this site! 

MacMillan Children's Readers: If you're looking for non-fiction audio, MacMillan has a lot of downloadable free audio from their readers. I find these thrifting every now and then or at the library, so I keep this website in my back pocket for a read-along with their book or if my child gets very interested in a certain non-fiction subject! 


The longer we have our yoto player, the more ways we find to use it and the more free audio sources we find. If you have any other sources you know and love for free audio, leave it in the comments!  

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