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I don't know about you, but whenever anyone asks me for a gift idea, my mind tends to go blank.My birthday is a month before Christmas, so it can be a lot of ideas to come up with at once. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite gift ideas, either of things on my own wish list or things that have brought joy to my homeschooling and mothering! Enjoy! 

*indicates Christian content

+indicates companies run by homeschooling moms

Gifts for Your Bookish Homeschool Mom:

1. The Hobbit T-Shirt: I absolutely love the design of this bookish t-shirt. It feels very vintage and subtle. Adore! 

2. Jane Austen Shirt: This bookish t-shirt is also very subtle. Only a true Austen kindred would get it on the first read and that is part of the fun! I imagine wearing this around and striking up conversation about which character is truly the "best".

3. Custom Book Embosser: I have had my book embosser for a few years and it continues to bring me joy every time I use it! I love putting my seal on all of my favorite books and I feel a lot better about loaning out my books when they have my name in them (and in such a pretty way).

4. Folding Book Cart with Lid: Library runs are made so much easier with this folding book cart. And when it's raining, the lid is a must! I used to be only able to carry about 50 books but now I can max out my 100 book limit on a library run, no problem.

Gifts For The Introspective Homeschool Mom: 

5. *Sara Groves Abide with Me: I love this album so much, not only because Sara Groves is a long time favorite of mine, but also because it is a beautiful modernization on a lot of beloved hymns without it diverging from the originals too much. I love having this album on in the car or in the background.

6. *Sandra McCracken Psalms: There is so much scripture in this album and it has carried me through many challenging seasons of motherhood. This is my favorite album to listen to when I'm writing or journaling! 

7. *Porter's Gate Work Songs: I love everything that Porter's Gate has put out, but this album is a must for encouragement during seasons of weariness. It highlights the importance of work and calling. It's so good! 

8.+Juniper Grove Journal: If you've been with me for awhile, you know I love Juniper Grove Journals; I use mine every day! My favorite inserts (they come with 3) for the introspective mother are the Commonplace insert, the Gratitude journal insert and the Blank Lined journal. 

Gifts For Your Coffee or Tea Enthusiast:

9. Cold Brew Carafe: I use this every day in the summer and even in the colder months when I'm sick of the same old kind of coffee each morning. I love that I can make it once and it provides smooth cold brew for the next few days! 

10. Yeti: When my oldest was a baby I was still drinking out of coffee mugs...and that was a mistake. My yeti keeps my drinks warm for a long time, helps me avoid spills that inevitably happen, and allows me to bring my warm drinks on the go. They last nearly forever too, so they're worth the investment! 

11.+Caffeinate and Educate Mug: For the times I do use a coffee mug, I can't help but love this one!The motto feels like a mantra and some days I need just that. I love the classic design too and the mega amount of coffee it can hold.

12. Tea Advent Calendar: I saw this advent calendar filled with tea and knew I had to include it in this list. I love trying new flavors of tea and I think this is so fun! 

Gifts For the Outdoorsy Homeschool Mom:

13. Sorel Hiking Boots: I love these boots. They're so comfortable and warm! I have another pair of Sorel winter boots that I've had for almost 10 years and they're still as incredibly warm as when I first got them. Having dry and warm feet when you're out on nature hikes is so important! 

14.+Wool Blend Socks: Whether it is hiking or snuggling up with a read aloud, these wool socks can't be beat. I already own two pair and really hope another two show up under the Christmas tree this year! 

15. Outdoor Apparel: You can never go wrong with Patagonia. I've picked up some things directly from the store, but some from Poshmark too and I love how quality each piece is and how long they last! A great investment for the homeschool mom who is out hiking with kids in the dead of winter! If mom is warm, the whole experience is better! 

16. Electric Bike: I've had my eye on this bike forever! If your kids are 3-10 yrs. range, they can ride in the kids and cargo carrier too. Imagine all the adventures you can take this puppy on!

Gifts For Your "Loud and Proud" Homeschool Mom:

17. Keep Homeschool Weird Sweatshirt: I love this sweatshirt so much. Every homeschool mom can get so much flack about homeschoolers being weird that this sweatshirt is the perfect kind of sarcastic humor that I just LOVE. 

18.+Coffee Mugs and Little Hugs Shirt: I've owned this shirt for 3 years and wear it all the time. It's only gotten softer as time has gone on and I think the saying is the cutest! 

19. Mama Bear Necklace: Everything by Made by Mary is just dreamy! I love all of their special "mom" necklaces--from birth flowers, to initial necklaces--they are beautiful! 

20. Save Childhood Tote Bag: What homeschool mom doesn't need another tote bag? This one is not only cute but also a good reminder and conversation starter. 


Gifts For Homeschool Mom Enrichment:

21. *+Teaching From Rest: by Sarah MacKenzie: This book is a must read (and I believe, a must own) for every homeschool mom. It's empowering, encouraging and just the right length! 

22. *+Common Place Quarterly Magazine: I am so encouraged by the content in this magazine. It elevates some of my favorite voices in the homeschooling online world right now and is a must read for any Charlotte Mason homeschooling moms! 

23. +Wild and Free Membership: The Wild and Free membership offers online and magazine resources and bundles. It's a great place to get connected for homeschooling families and mothers! 

24. *+Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins: This book has been so incredibly inspiring to me and has been my favorite read from 2022 thus far! 


Gifts For The Homeschool Mom Who Could Use 10 More Hands: 

25. Robot Vacuum: We've had this vacuum now for almost a year and it is a life saver. It does really well on carpet and gets most of the mess on our other flooring types so that I only have to vacuum a few times a week, rather than twice a day! 

26. Epson EcoTank Printer: Everyone said this printer was worth it. It was. I was spending nearly $20 a month in ink costs with my other Epson but this one, even though it has a bigger price tag, lasts so much longer! It's a huge help to just load it once and forget it! 

27. Audio Book Subscription: Scribd, Audible: I love Scribd because it offers such a wide range of access to books. When I need an extra voice for reading aloud, Scribd has saved the day more than once. It's a great resource for my own study and learning as well. Audible is perfect for audiobooks I want to revisit and especially for those my kids want to listen to over and over!

28. Amazon Prime Membership: Free shipping, Amazon Prime Video access and so much more, this is a great perk for homeschooling when you need something fast or just need a great resource for a homeschool documentary day!   

And a Gift That's Good for Any Homeschool Mom:

The Gift of Help: help with childcare, cleaning help, meal planning/grocery delivery help, or time away (like a personal retreat)...or all of the above! Homeschooling is a marathon job and requires stamina and longevity, so a little help and time to recharge can make a world of difference! 

I hope this has given you some ideas for gifts that are practical and fun, for yourself or the homeschooling mom in your life! Happy Homeschooling! 

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  • Sara on

    These are all such great ideas! Thanks for putting this together! I sent it to my husband and told him if anyone asks him for gift ideas for me to just send them this list. 😂😂

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