12 Ways to Make Money as a Homeschool Mom

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12 ways to make money as a homeschool mom
Last week, I shared an honest look at our spending when it comes to school expenses. but the most expensive thing for homeschooling families usually isn't supplies and activities--it's the loss of a second income.
Over the years, I've come to know lots of homeschooling families who find a way to make the homeschooling lifestyle work for them. And this typically includes some sort of creative financial solution.
I know many homeschooling parents who are working jobs on the weekends or in the early mornings, those who are working part time jobs from home or juggling all kinds of scheduling to squeeze work into the moments they can. 

If you're wanting to find a way to make extra income while homeschooling, here are a 12 ideas to get you thinking about what options might be out there!

Ways to Make Money as a Homeschool Parent

1. Become a co-op instructor or caregiver. Many co-ops have paid positions for teachers and nursery workers. If you're wanting to enroll your child in a co-op, maybe consider joining one that offers paid positions! 

2. Re-sell things online. My best advice is to start selling things to you already own. Go through your toys, clothes and closets and see what you can re-sell for a profit! It's not much, but can really add up. Otherwise, lots of homeschool moms find a way to sell used books (since they always seem to have a plethora of them around)! 

3. Tutor Other Children. I know a few moms who tutor other children to earn extra income, either in person during the day (by adding a student or two to their homeschool), or tutoring online or in person in the off hours.

4. Work in Direct Sales/MLM. Love them or hate them, MLMs can be profitable. In my research, I've found that MLMs are most profitable when someone already has a strong platform to sell or when they get it early on a hot product and are able to recruit many others. 

5. Dog-Sit or House-Sit. Since it's likely that you're home more than your neighbors are, you could offer to house-sit or dog-sit for extra income while your neighbors are away during the daytime work hours or while they're away on vacation! If you live in a metro area, this could become lucrative. I know two homeschool families who also board dogs and/or breed dogs for extra income. It's a big job but can fit into the homeschooling lifestyle well. 

6. Teach English Online. There are currently more programs than ever before that are online, with flexible hours, teaching English. Some require more education than others, but some you only need a high school diploma to teach! 

7. Become a Homeschool Affiliate or Blogger. If building a platform on some sort of social media is of interest--go for it! This lends itself well to homeschooling, since you'll likely be sharing about things you're already using or doing. Money can be made through affiliate sales, video views, blog advertisement, etc. 

8. Provide Childcare. This can work really well if you know a family who needs childcare for a few afternoon hours (so you can get school done in the mornings), or if you have older children and more capacity to nanny a baby or toddler. 

9. Create and Sell a Homeschool Resource. If you are making and using something in your homeschool, like a planner, curriculum or resource, why not make it available for purchase? 

10. Sell off Your Unused Curriculum. Curriculum is trendy, and can be hit or miss, so if you bought something and didn't love it--sell it! Just be sure that you're not violating any copywrite laws. As a rule of thumb, it seems that the longer you hold on to a curriculum, the less you can charge for it. So if you think you're going to use it for a child 5 years later, you may want to ask yourself if it's worth holding on to rather than selling. 

11. Find a Freelance Job that Fits Your Skills. Graphic design, video editing, web development, grant writing, photography, writing, or social media management are all skills in hot demand right now. If you have any skills like these, or others, you can likely find a job with flexible hours that can fit in the "off" homeschool hours.

12. Work a Part-Time Job During Non-Homeschool Hours. I personally know moms who are nurses and work odd weekend hours, or have some kind of job online that they can work at 4am-8am every day or who are working the evening and weekend shifts when dad is home. Especially for a mother who has a career that she needs to stay certified or active in or for a mom who really enjoys her career this can be a solid option! 

Families should think outside the box when looking at extra income. If you can find childcare during your daytime hours, why not homeschool during evenings and weekends? There is more flexibility than you probably think, it just takes creativity!
I hope these ideas have started the wheel turning and made you think of some ideas you might have overlooked! Happy Homeschooling! 
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  • Mandy Scheller on

    Consider virtual bookkeeping. You can start a home-based business in part time hours.


  • Marypeace on

    thank you for this article 🙏❤

  • Hannah Fordice on

    What great ideas! I recently quit my job and am homeschooling and we are struggling to make ends meet. Living on one income is so hard. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can still bring in some income. Thanks for all the ideas!

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