Intentional Celebrations: Snow Day

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So much of the wonder of childhood is wrapped in celebration and surprise. One of my favorite days of celebration and surprise for our kids is a snow day!

I still have a deeply romanticized and nostalgic place in my heart for snow days from growing up going to public school. But, even though my children stay home, snow days are still full of magic.

Some families choose to celebrate the first snow, others might choose to wait for a big snow or blizzard to celebrate, and if you're in a warm climate you might choose to celebrate an alternative version of a snow day by taking a surprise day off.

Here are some ways to bring some magic into those cold and wintery days:

a woman and three children posing outside in the snow.
  • Sleep In and “Cancel School”
  • Watch the Snowfall
  • Drink Hot Chocolate or Tea
  • Make & Decorate Paper Snowflakes
  • Light Candles around the House
  • Bake Together: warm bread, muffins, or cookies
  • Craft Together: paint, clay, playdough, or watercolors
  • Eat Comfort Food for Supper
  • Read all the Books about Snow
  • Build an Indoor Fort or Set Up a Tent Inside
  • Eat Some Snow Ice Cream
  • Do a Puzzle or Play a Board Game
  • Sit By a Fireplace (or put on a “fireplace” on your tv) 
  • Cuddle up for a Snow-themed Movie
  • Exercise Indoors (Cosmic Kids Yoga,Nerf Wars or Skating in an unfinished basement or kitchen)
  • Let the Kids have a Special Bath (bath bombs, glow sticks or bath crayons for the younger ones. Music, candles or a bubble bath for the older ones!)


row of rainbow ice balls



If you’re like me, the first snow or big snowstorm can sneak up quickly. So you might want to make a Snow Day Box in advance that you can have it at the ready. Ideas of things to include might be:

  • Cake Mix or Brownie Mix
  • Sticker or Activity Books
  • Snow-themed Books
  • Craft Kits
  • Card Games 

I hope this list gets your wheels turning about simple ways to make a snow day into a magical and intentional celebration. And, as all good Northerner’s say in winter, “Stay warm!” 

If you’re looking for more in the Intentional Celebration series, click on the Intentional Celebration tag! 

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