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woman holding books with text end of the year reflection questionsCan you believe it? The homeschool year has nearly come to an end! 

Usually, I am more than ready for a long break, and this year is no exception. We are glad for all we have learned and done this year, but I am TIRED. It has been a full season and I am honestly looking forward to days of not doing a whole lot. 

But before we dive headfirst into our summer plans of camping and traveling, I take time to reflect on all this year has been. I know from years past that if I don't pause for a moment and reflect, I will forget the insights I have gained. It's also easy to breeze into another year without celebrating the "wins" we've had in this one! 

So here are a few questions for reflection and evaluation that I'm walking through this spring as we wrap up our year.


What is a favorite memory from this year? 

What am I most proud of this year--of myself and of each of my students?

Do I feel like this year was a success, why or why not? 

Did this year align with our homeschool mission, homeschool "whys" or values? Why or why not?

What changes and growth did I see in my child? 


What went really well in our homeschool this year? What went poorly? 

What curriculum do I want to continue in this next year? What curriculum do I want to change? 

Which outside commitments brought more joy, more learning and more value to our homeschooling? Which ones will we reevaluate and which ones will we continue? 

Is there any area of our homeschool, family rhythm, schedule or homeschool space that needs significant overhaul? 

These questions really help me take a hard look at our year, celebrate what went well, and move forward with more clarity than I would have had otherwise. If my children are around while I'm working through these questions, I like to casually ask them. Sometimes their comments provide me with greater insight than I could have found on my own! 

I hope you'll join me in reflecting on your own school year as you enter into summer as well! 

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    These are great! Thanks!

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