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If you’re like me, the time between Christmas and Easter is like one giant roadblock. The holidays are over, deep winter has set in, and the end of the school year looks miles and miles away. But I consider it an opportunity to cozy down and press into the comforts of home!

What is hygge?

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah or hue-gah) is a Danish term that encapsulates the feelings of comfort, home, coziness, contentment and well-being. This time of year, I feel the internal pull to these ideals more than ever. Here are the ways we bring that cozy, comforting feeling of Hygge into our homeschool

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How we add Hygge to our homeschool

Softness in everything

When the world is harsh outside, it is the best time to snuggle and bring softness into our school days. My oldest loves to wear his robe during lessons, I start the morning with warm socks and slippers, and it’s the perfect time of year to pull out all my vintage quilts and comfy blankets.

I like to turn off the harsh overhead lights and utilize lamps and candles more than ever. Nothing sets a cozy mood like adjusting the lighting! My kids love lighting candles during lessons and we’ve really enjoyed making candles together too.


A large part of Hygge is enjoying time of contentedness together. For me, this means having times of quiet and times of being present and in the moment with my family. Having an evening with no technology, scrapping lessons for puzzles and playing games together, getting all bundled up and going outside and really focusing on being together brings warmth to this Hygge time of year.

One of our favorite Hygge-togetherness activities is having warm tea and treats while reading together. Pastries, fresh bread and anything chocolate are all our treats of choice in the depth of winter. We do a lot of soups and comfort foods too, to bring that coziness to the dinner table!

Here are some of our favorite kid games for long winter days:
Mermaid Island
Sneak Snacky Squirrel
Guess Who

Count Your Chickens
Feed the Woozle

Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus Game

That Hygge Feeling

Some of my other favorite activities to incorporate this time of year are fiber arts and handicrafts. Yarn projects, needle felting and weaving are perfect projects to cozy up with.

I love accompanying an art project with a simmer pot on the stove or my favorite essential oils, acoustic music in the background or an audiobook– my favorites being The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder or Fairy Tales and Fables!

If this time of year is hard for you too, I hope that you’re able to seek out places and moments of contentedness and peace, and to practice Hygge throughout your homeschool day!

Here is a link to my amazon storefront with everything I’ve mentioned and recommended (and more) in this article! Enjoy Hygge-ing!

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