Habits and Hymns
Habits and Hymns
Habits and Hymns
Habits and Hymns
Habits and Hymns
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Habits and Hymns

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Habits and Hymns is a Christian, faith-based nine month study of key virtues and classic hymns. Focusing on the life of Jesus, this curriculum is designed to supplement your family Bible study for kids ages 3-10.

Each month you will teach your child the meaning of a specific virtue (kindness, self-control, gentleness, helpfulness, obedience, contentment, truthfulness, attentiveness and patience), practice it into a habit and learn a corresponding hymn.


Through Scripture memorization, Scripture readings and discussion, objection lessons, activities and picture books, your child will grow in their understanding of each virtue and you will work together on practicing it into a habit. 


As a family you will learn the powerful stories of the most popular hymns in church history as well as the tune and lyrics. A visual hymn is included for each hymn, making even the youngest children able to participate with ease.

At the end of the month your child will spend time reflecting, through either oral or written narration, and record their thoughts into their Reflection Journal. 


  • Teacher's Guide, Which Includes: A Introduction, Supply List, Schedule and Strategies for Teaching Habits and Hymns
  • 9 Virtue Guides, Each Including: A Definition, Memory Verse, Picture Books, Scripture Reading, Discussion Questions and Answers and Virtue Activity 
  • 9 Visual Hymns and Histories
  • Narration Reflection Journal 

This resource will give your child tangible language and a practical understanding of virtues that they will hopefully nurture and carry into adulthood as a habit. It offers a realistic, grace-filled perspective for a child mastering or executing a habit "perfectly". Since Jesus is the only one who has perfectly encompassed and lived out these virtues that we aspire to,  this curriculum emphasizes His life as a model and places a high value on Him.

 **After purchase you will receive a digital copy via email. The digital download will come in three documents:

  1. Habits and Hymns Curriculum (to read through and teach from)
  2. Visual Hymns (These are also included in the curriculum, but you may want to print a set for each child to have or to display)
  3. Narration Reflection Journal (to print for each child)

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