Homeschool 101 Course
Homeschool 101 Course
Homeschool 101 Course
Homeschool 101 Course
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Homeschool 101 Course

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Are you….?

  • wanting to homeschool your children but don't know where to begin? 
  • overwhelmed with all of the curriculum options? 
  • limited in the time you have to research everything? 
  • needing a friend to walk you through the process unbiased and without telling you exactly what to do?
  • just starting out and don't feel confident in your homeschool abilities? 

Homeschool 101 Will Help You: 

  • Find a curriculum and teaching method that works best for your family + lifestyle
  • Gain confidence in your ability + decision to homeschool
  • Have the tools you need for scheduling your school calendar + your school days
  • Create a big picture vision for your homeschool + goals for your students
  • Put safeguards in place to avoiding burning out
  • Learn how to create an atmosphere of education
  • Answer lingering questions + worries about beginning to homeschool, including how to handle the opinions of others and what to do about socialization
  • Save hours + hours of time you would have needed to spend researching, weeding through homeschool jargon + sorting through curriculum promotion

What is Included in the Homeschool 101 Course? 

  • 5 video sessions on scheduling, creating an atmosphere of education, preventing burnout and more!
  • Finding Your Homeschool Method Quiz and a complete, detailed breakdown of each method, including recommended popular curricula choices and further reading suggestions.
  • Nearly 50 workbook pages for your own planning, reflection and preparation.
  • Bonus Printables: Our Top 100 Picture Books Checklist, First Day of School Interview, and First Day of School Pennant Flags

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