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Easter can be such a tricky holiday to celebrate with young children. It can be hard to know how to discuss and process through the graphicness of the crucifixion at a child’s level.

But, I am a firm believer that the Gospel is for all people and is applicable to every demographic; it’s not beyond a child’s grasp! Different years we have done an Easter curriculum, but other years we've simplified into just these basic traditions. Here are a few ways that we’ve chosen to celebrate with our young children.

Resurrection Eggs: Our children loved waking up each morning, looking for a hidden egg and reading through the Scriptures surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

This was the first year we did these as a family and it was very meaningful! I made these with wooden eggs, then I wood burned different symbols representing the progression of the Resurrection story into each egg and, finally, colored them with food coloring. I love how they turned out! Find the tutorial here!

Hosanna Tambourines and Palm Branches: When we read through the triumphant entry of Jesus we made our own celebratory tambourines and waved palm branches!

We decorated two paper plates and filled them with beans. After stapling them together we hole punched the sides and decorated it with string. It’s was a great way to practice pattern work and fine motor skills!

Foot washing: One of the most meaningful things we did this Easter week was to wash each others feet. We talked about Jesus’ heart to serve those He came to save. We read through the passages and then washed each others feet saying “I love you, and I choose to serve you.” My husband and I hadn’t done this since our wedding and it brought tears to both our eyes!

The curtain ripping: When we got to the part where the curtain in the temple is torn, we measured out how high, thick and wide it was. Then we took an old phone book and each tried to rip it. We discussed the meaning of the curtain and how profound it was that it tore in half, and that only God could have done that!

Easter Scavenger Hunt: This was the second year we did an scavenger hunt with an Easter theme. I wish I knew where we originally go this idea from, but it is perfect for our preschoolers!

We searched for something sharp, to represent the crown of thorns, something wooden to represent the cross, something dead representing the Savior’s death, something dark, representing the darkness in Jerusalem and in the tomb, something round representing the tomb stone and something alive representing that Jesus is risen!

Books: We read through our collection of Easter books and those we rented from our church library and local library. It’s amazing what they pick up on with different iterations of the same story!

Each year we will try to make Easter meaningful and as our children grow my hope and prayer is that they grow to know and love Jesus more and more!

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